One of the constant battles in youth ministry is helping students develop a consistent devotional life.  All followers of Jesus are challenged with prioritizing a regular point of connection with God that is centered on his word and useful to the Holy Spirit’s work in us.  This continues to be a growing edge for us all, especially for students who have so many things competing for their time.

In comes NEW HEART.  New Heart is a ministry to help people develop this area of their discipleship and is led/coordinated at Hope Center by Cami Martin.  Cami and I have had some great conversations recently about how to use this ministry with our high school students.  We’re excited to announce that this summer; high schoolers will be invited to consider participating in a one-on-one discipleship relationship that helps them grow in this area of faith.  Here’s what it will look like-

  • Students are invited, not forced, to sign up and will be paired with a trained New Heart volunteer. All of the volunteers are personally known by youth ministries and will be background checked like any other of our youth ministry staff.   Parents will also know which adult volunteer will be paired with their child.
  • Students will meet with the volunteer at the convenience of them both, for 4 weeks during the summer. Meetings will take place either at Hope Center or in a public place (coffee shop, restaurant, etc.) depending on the comfort of the parents, students and New Heart volunteer.
  • During the four weeks, students will be challenged to look at the Gospel, the elements and benefits of a devotional life, and living the life of a disciple.

We are really hoping that students will take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.  We will begin promoting it with them (and you!) more assertively later this month and trust that you will be on board to support us.  Below are a couple of thoughts on how you can do so!

  • Be praying specifically for your student to get connected with this opportunity. Also be praying that as students do, they would grow according to the Spirit’s will for them!
  • Prayerfully consider how you might have a conversation with your student about their devotional life, whether or not they have one, how it’s going and how to develop that further. With or without New Heart I hope you are encouraged to do this!
  • Please don’t force them. This isn’t a program that we’re trying to push kids through, but a relational journey that we’re inviting them into.  This process will only be successful if students are given this as an opportunity to make this next faith step on their own.

If you have questions or want to talk about anything please feel free to call Ian at 925-685-4673, ext. 15 or email him at ilongtin@hopecenter.cc.