To Lighthouse Families,

Summer has been great, a whirlwind, but still great!  I hope you are all finding some sense of rest as we move past the halfway point of summer and start thinking about fall and the start of school.

We are excited to kick off another year exploring what it means to be God’s Family on Mission. This year will bring some minor changes to our vision and rhythms. These changes, we believe, take us further down the road that God has mapped out for us.  This won’t be the last time you hear about these adjustments, but please take a look so that you can best know what we are up to this fall!

We’ve got two main goals this year- to get 50 students to our annual Christmas Party and to get 50 students to Hume Lake in June 2017!  We hope that this potential growth of our community will reflect both a bolstering of our current student population and an increase of new students.  Not only do I ask you to support this effort, but to please be in prayer for how God might achieve this through us, through student’s relationships with friends, and through your relationships with other parents!

One of the ways we hope to achieve this goal is by focusing more on “out” (the mission portion of being God’s Family on Mission) this year.  We’re going to make a slight adjustment to our monthly up/in/out rhythm to emphasize this.  Our first Wednesday is still “up” night and our second Wednesday will still be “in”.  However, we will be making House Party our “in” nights, thus moving it to the second Wednesday of the month.  The good news is that House Party is pretty much an “in” experience already.  The one sad thing is… we will no longer be doing monthly Fudd’s visits (we will still use for Fudd’s for some special events!).  We will focus on “out” for the last two weeks of every month.  Week three will be planning/prepping for “out” and week four will be an “out” activity.  During the fall- all of our fourth Wednesday “out” activities will be events that students can invite their friends too. Here’s the summary of our rhythm changes:

  • First Wednesday- Up Night
  • Second Wednesday- In Night: House Party
  • Third Wednesday- Out Night: Prep and Planning
  • Fourth Wednesday- Out Night: Activity

This rhythm will be in full swing starting September.  Our fall gatherings will kick off on Wednesday, August 17th with a pool party, followed by a NERF WAR on August 24th.  Both events will be great for students to invite their friends to.  Then on August 31st we will be at Hope Center and will be going over the vision and rhythm updates contained in this letter with students.

As always, please let us know if you have any questions!  We are grateful for the opportunity to serve alongside your family!

Ian Longtin                                                                          Katie Falgien
Pastor of Youth and Young Adults                                  Director of Student Ministries

To get more information on Lighthouse events, click here to print the fall calendar.