LIGHTHOUSE September Wednesday Night Teachings

Hey Parents!

September’s Wednesday night teachings are going to be on what some refer to as the “person of peace” teaching from Luke 10 (also Matthew 10).  As part of their discipleship, Jesus was instructing his followers on how to live missionally.  He even sends them out for a “short term” mission in which they can experience some of this on their own!  Our goal this year is to help students grow in their discipleship by participating in the mission of God and reaching their friends.  Jesus’ “person of peace” strategy is still relevant today and is one of the tools that we intend to help our students use as they join God in this mission.

I’d encourage you to read through the passage in Luke 10:1-17.  Over these three weeks we’ll be discussing the idea of being sent, what a person of peace is, and why Jesus told us to use it as a strategy.  Hopefully our students will be encouraged to apply this!