LIGHTHOUSE October Wednesday Night Teachings

Hey Parents!

As disciples of Jesus, we learn a lot of things. One of those things is what we traditionally call spiritual disciplines.  You know, praying, reading your bible, sharing your faith.  Stuff like that.  At Lighthouse we gear our spiritual disciplines around our UP/IN/OUT and call them our skills.  We emphasize two skills for each part of our discipleship and hopefully encourage our students to participate more fully in their discipleship.  Our “skills” are as follows-

 UP skills are Time with God and Talking with God.  This means carving out space in our busy schedules to connect with the father around prayer and his word.

IN skills are Involved with the Family and Invested in One Another.  This means that we stay connected in real relationships with the Lighthouse community and/or larger church.

OUT skills are Sharing Christ and Serving Others.  This means taking our faith to the world where God might use us to participate in his kingdom work.

This is also the teaching outline for the month of October.  We’ll be discussing each of these three things individually and we hope that you’ll be able to encourage your student with these “skills” along side of us!


Ian Longtin