LH 12.16.20

Hi LH Parents!
This week is our Christmas Party on zoom with our digital escape room!
This week will be all fun! The first game will start promptly at 7:05 and if someone is late they are not eligible to win the prize (which is fast food door-dashed to the winner that night). After that first game we will jump into the digital escape room. We will see which team can escape the North Pole the fastest. Each team member will win a $5 gift card of their choice ðŸ™‚
Overall, the escape room is pretty challenging and could take an hour or more. As teams finish, I will have Jack box games ready, if any time remains. I hope everyone is looking forward to a little Christmas fun!

We will be taking a couple weeks off for the holidays and be back in January. New calendars will be coming your way soon. For now, students (and parents) are welcome to join us on our Youth Ministries Discord channel to chat a play games. We have been playing Among Us, Jack Box and Skribbl.io. You can join our discord server by emailing me.