LH 1.5.21

Hi LH Parents!
We have made it to 2021! Happy New Year! Hopefully you have all received a copy of the Jan/Feb calendar in the mail. It is available on the LH website (click here) or email me and I can send you a digital copy. I do expect us to be meeting via zoom at least through February. I have made the LH meetings for Wednesdays a recurring meeting so it will be the same link and meeting id all the time now. I will still send it every week, but it hopefully makes it a little easier and one less thing to keep track of. 
For January we are going to be following along with the rest of the church and going through Colossians! This week we will be in Colossians 1. Hopefully everyone focusing in Colossians helps to stimulate conversation at home too. 
Many of you may already do something similar, but for any families interested you can find a Family New Year Plan here. If it is something you would like your family to do together, you will come up with a word, a verse, how your family will have fun, how you will serve, and who you will pray/connect with this year. If this is a helpful resource (or not) for you and your family, I would love to hear your feedback!
Looking forward to seeing you all soon! Email me for the zoom link for Lighthouse.