LH 2.17.21

Hi LH Parents,

I hope you all are enjoying a restful President’s day weekend! Here are the details for this week. 

Upcoming In-person Gatherings:

LH Winter Social on 2/28, 1-3pm – outdoors at Hope Center. We will be following all of our previous guidelines for gathering from the summer and fall. Social distancing and masks required. Temp checks and hand sanitizer on arrival. Anyone with a temp of 100.0 or higher will be sent home. If your student or anyone in your household has had a fever, cough or illness in the last two weeks, we ask that your student stay home.

Additional exciting news: We will be transitioning to in-person gatherings in the Gen room in March. I am hoping to finish the calendar and have it in the mail by the end of this week. The gathering guidelines will be used here as well.

For the link to this week’s zoom, email me.