LH 3.10.21

Hi LH Parents!

Last week went really well! It is great to be back in the same room with students. 

This week we will answer three more questions and give away some pie! Our game will be a little different. It is like Where’s Waldo but with GOATs. Winners will get some pie! (think hostess hand pies)

Below here are the anonymous questions for this week. One of the things we will be talking about is baptism. If you have been baptized, you may consider sharing your own baptism experience with your student. If you have not been baptized yet you may consider talking with you student about why. For students (or yourself and anyone else) interested in being baptized, please let me know. We had a group that was ready to be baptized just as Covid hit last year. Tim and I are hoping we will be able to coordinate baptisms very soon.

This week’s questions submitted by students:

In our faith (christianity), we don’t generally follow a lot of the rules that God set for the Israelites and other groups of people in the Old Testament. I understand that this is because Jesus died on the cross and now we have a new covenant and different rules to follow but we still do widely believe that there are a few of them that we should continue to follow. Why? How do we decide what instructions from the Bible are relevant to us currently and which ones are not. 
do you need to be baptized? 
Explain communion and what the juice and bread represent? Why do we do that? 

Covid Guideline Reminder:

In order to social distance Lighthouse is now meeting in the Generations room instead of the Lighthouse room. We will have our check-in station at the curb in front of the main entrance to make drop-off easy. The guidelines are:

  • Temperature checks will be required upon arrival. Parents should not leave until we have a temp reading. If a student has a fever (temp of 100 or more), they will be sent home. 
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided and used on arrival and be available at all times. 
  • Masks will be required to be worn at all times. 
  • We will ask that everyone maintain a minimum of 6 feet distance at all times. 
  • If your student or anyone in your household has had a fever, cough or illness in the last two weeks, we ask that your student stay home.