LH Summer Session 6.23

Hi LH Parents!

We are back this Wednesday at 7pm! Our LH Olympic competition started last week. Things are already heating up with students submitting photos of daily devotions, hanging out with other LH students or leaders, and serving for extra points. This week we are going to be taking a point from the article on Olympians and talking about long-term goals. 
It is also going to get a little tricky with a trick shot competition for points. We will start out on the tennis courts again. I was thinking about bringing Hockey out for the night, but I think everyone is still stoked on 9-square, so maybe we will wait another week.

LHFV 2021: We’re going camping! July 30th – August 1st. Registration for our summer camping trip at Lake Folsom is open! A $20 nonrefundable deposit holds your spot. Register by Sun, 6/27 for the early bird of $75 or the late bird 6/28 or after is $89. For more info or to download the permission slip click here: https://hclighthouse.com/2021/05/12/lhfv-2021-camping-lake-folsom/

LH Sunday Service is not returning – I realize that I left this very important information out of the summer parent letter, I apologize. While Impact will be resuming Sunday morning programs on 6/20, Lighthouse will not. This is decision has several factors. Developmentally, most high school students should be able to track with the Sunday sermon. This opens the door for students to transition and learn how to participate and operate in corporate worship or to try out serving on the tech, greeter, or children’s ministry team. The ultimate goal is for students to connect and build meaningful relationships with more adults. Relationships are key in students staying connected to their faith into early adulthood. If you would like to discuss this strategic move or have other feedback, I am available. I would love to know if it would be helpful for your family for me to provide family discussion questions for talking about the sermon as a family.