Wednesday Rhythm

Please note, due to Shelter-in-Place our rhythm is not currently following this layout exactly.

Lighthouse meets on a weekly rhythm which is meant to be an expression of our vision for discipleship: Up, In, & Out as well as the mission of High School Ministry:  God’s Family on Mission.

Week 1 (first Wednesday of the month): UP night- Worship, fun and teaching.  We always end with ice cream!

Week 2 (second Wednesday of the month): IN night/House Party – House Party is a way to experience community in a non-churchy setting.  We gather in the home of one of our students, eat dinner and do other amazing things.

Week 3 (third Wednesday of the month): OUT night- Teaching and fun.  On this night we always have some encouragement towards what God wants to do through us!  As well as taking time to prep and plan for the 4th weeks outreach activity. There will be POPCORN!

Week 4 (fourth Wednesday of the month): OUTREACH NIGHT – an “out” activity. (Check the calendars for specific details).  During the fall- all of our fourth Wednesday “out” activities will be events that students can invite their friends too

There are some variations to this rhythm as the calendar year progresses (Always check your calendar!) but we believe that this is a way to explicitly remind ourselves of the lifestyle that Jesus himself lived on earth.